Hitting the trail

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Mount San Gorgonio Hike

Published on Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Having been back in Southern California for 2 whole weeks, I decided with my friend Marina to waste no time in summiting the tallest peak in Southern California, Mount San Gorgonio.

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Big Basin in the Spring Rain

Published on Sunday, April 10th, 2016

I hadn't been to Big Basin State Park since August, 2013. That, of course, was late in the summer after a fairly dry winter. Since there was a nice spring rain overnight, I decided to go check out the waterfalls at Big Basin while there was some serious runoff. I intended to take the Sunset, Berry Creek Falls, and Skyline-to-Sea loop, however the Berry Creek Trail and the Sunset Trail west of the Timms Creek Trail were closed from storm damage. And since I am a rule abiding fella, I was only ab...

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Sunol Spring

Published on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

I remember conversing with a coworker before my upcoming hike up Mt. Whitney. After mentioning that I had a permit to summit the mountain, he commenced an epic rant about how terrible the hike was. It was ugly and grey, it was difficult and vomit inducing (even for him and his fit military friends). And, quite frankly, that trail had turned him off to hiking. You can sympathize when I say that I was a little apprehensive in the days ahead of the hike. I was uncertain if my knee had recovered fr...

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Mt Whitney 2013

Published on Saturday, September 14th, 2013

The time for our much anticipated Mt. Whitney hike finally came. I have to say that I wasn't as prepared as I would like to have been, but I decided I owed it to myself to make a push for the peak. Maybe after the hike I could repair the damage. I headed out with four other coworkers: Chris and Jonathan (my long time hiking buddies), and Matt and Jeff. We loaded up in Matt's RV early Wednesday and headed for Mt. Whitney. Our goal was to begin the hike in the early AM hours on Thursday. To be h...

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Big Basin Hike

Published on Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Took a hike with my friend Jennifer the other day. I had wanted to go to Big Basin for quite some time, and it was nice to finally get around to it. My roommate and fellow hiking buddy, Chris, had gone the week before while I was still getting back from England, and he really seemed to enjoy his visit there. So I decided it was a good choice for a place to take my friend who is here nannying for a local family, and who is from Colombia. Why not show our visitor some of the best California has t...